Dongguan export toy quality and safety demonstration area got National acceptance

Time: 2016-12-30
December 29 morning, Dongguan export toys, baby supplies quality and safety demonstration area summary will be held in the city administrative service center. At the meeting, the expert appointed by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Assessment Group leader Xie Shusheng announced that the export of toys, baby products quality and safety demonstration zone successfully passed the state-level quality and safety demonstration area examination and acceptance, which is the first area of ​​Guangdong, the successful creation of two industries Of the national quality and safety demonstration zone.

In the past few days, the assessment team listened to the construction work of the demonstration area, watched the demonstration area to create a feature film, visited the demonstration area exhibition hall, reviewed the archival materials, check the demonstration area public service platform, while in-depth Dongguan Longchang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Mei Chi Industrial Co., Ltd., the door (China) Co., Ltd. and other children's products for a number of enterprises on-site inspection and verification. Through on-site assessment, assessment team members agreed that Dongguan export toys, baby supplies quality and safety demonstration area in the construction of basic conditions, construction security system, quality and safety supervision system, risk management system, public service system and construction effectiveness in line with national demonstration Acceptance of building conditions.

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