How does parent's bad emotion affect baby?

Time: 2017-01-17

Baby can express the signal of satisty,interest,and pain soon after he or she was born,in the next six months or so, these emotional states will be divided into real emotions, such as pleasure, surprise, sadness, disgust, patience, and / or pain, and the emotional state of the child. fear.


By 9 months, children already have some cognitive ability to recognize the intentions of others. In other words, the baby began to try to understand the emotions behind the adult expression.


For example, there was a study:Scientists gave  infants  toy that is not familiar for him,and they found that the baby's playing time was related to the mother's facial expression.


When mother shows the negative expression to the toy,the baby's playing time will be much shorter than the time the mother smiling.What's more,even his mother express an natural emotion,the baby will not play this toy anymore.


Therefore, parents must pay attention to their casual expression may bring the impact of the child. Not only that, the adult expression of contradictions may also mislead the child.


For example, a child is using a spoon to beat the milk cup, the mother showed a disgusted expression, but her grandmother was smiling, adult this contradictory expression, may make the child very uneasy.


Thus, while being with children, even with infants, parents should pay attention to their words and deeds, and sometimes casual expression or voice, may affect the child's emotions


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