While feeding your baby eggs,there are 4 things that you should keep in mind.

Time: 2017-07-03
1 should not be the egg when the staple food
Some mothers in order to let the children grow up healthy, almost every meal to give children to eat eggs, food, resulting in a series of gastrointestinal problems in children. The baby's digestive function has not digested completely, too much edible eggs not only can not give a good nutrition to the baby, but will make the baby's stomach burden increased.

2 years before the baby should not eat egg white
Eggs in the egg yolk can be fed in the first 8 months after the baby, while observing whether the skin after eating allergies, the baby for egg yolk is tolerated. The protein should be in the child after 1 year of age can be fed, because infants and young children eat more susceptible to allergic phenomenon. Each baby's different physique, my mother to be patient observation, do not blindly add Oh!

3 should not give infants and young children do not eat cooked eggs
Even if the eggs are not broken easily susceptible to bacterial contamination, so fried eggs to fry for 3 minutes, boiled eggs to cook for 7 minutes, in order to ensure the health and safety of eggs. At the same time, cooked eggs are more easily absorbed by the body, mothers must bear in mind Oh!

4 should not give children to fever to eat eggs